Before and after dental images from The Smile Spot, Dulwich Hill

Your perfect smile. Before and After Dental work.

Welcome to the dental before and after section of our website.

On this page, we will show you before and after images of our happy customers across Sydney who have had their smiles brought back thanks to our fantastic team of dental practitioners.

We pride ourselves on delivering five-star dental treatment for all of our customers across Sydney and we want to share with you some of the success stories.

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Bob, came in wanting to fix his worn down lower teeth. We discussed some options and Bob decided he would go for composite veneers. We took an impression and booked in a 60-minute appointment. At the end of the next appointment, this is the result. Three years later and Bob is still smiling… all the way down Marrickville Road.


Percy came in with a missing front tooth. He fractured it years ago due to a headbutt he received on the dancefloor of a New York nightclub. All he remembers of the incident was sobering up the next day in the waiting room of a dental practice after he had the root removed! We placed the implant, four months later we added a crown to the implant. This is the before and after photo for the second phase (placing the crown).


Rose came in wanting to tidy up her front teeth. She opted for composite veneers. 60 minutes later and this was the result. Rose is so happy with the work she let us post the before and after photos on our website.


George always hated going to the dentist and came in because his wife told him to. She hated his front teeth so much she told him he had to “get those fixed or else…” George decided to have two zirconium bridges placed over the remaining four front teeth, to give the appearance that his six front teeth were there. Georges’ one condition was that we maintain a small gap between his two front teeth. The first appointment was made for 90 minutes – two weeks and later and this is what he looks like.


Henry came in with his wife and daughter who insisted he restore his broken down teeth, Henry’s grandchildren would run away screaming every time he flashed them a smile! The whole job took four weeks and involved a root canal therapy, laser gum surgery and multiple crowns on his upper teeth as well as an upper and lower denture. Needless to say that it’s not just the girls in the family that are relieved he no longer scares the kids!


Mario has severe gum disease, six months before the first photo was taken we fixed his lower teeth. After the lower were completed Mario said he wanted to get back his smile. His upper teeth were also removed and he had 4 implants and a permanent zirconium bridge placed. The upper teeth took six months from start to finish. Mario’s sister came in a few weeks later and told us that he won’t stop smiling…


Dana came in having wanted to fix her front teeth for years. She finally decided to go ahead. When she saw the completed work in the mirror Dana said she wished she had done the work 20 years sooner. She is happy for us to show the photos and share her story.


Frank is a kickboxer and also grinds his teeth. He came to us to ask for help as his teeth had started to break down. We talked through various options with Frank and he decided to have six crowns on his front teeth. He is delighted with them and will be spending a lot more time dodging during kickboxing practice!


Con, one of our local delivery men came in one day and asked us “what do I have to do to get on your website”, four weeks later and Con made it… his wife and two daughters were ecstatic, to say the least.

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